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Memory Foam Padding


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This is a 3/8″ thick, temper memory foam pad with a self-adhesive back. It is most often used to line the back of leg braces and the cuff of boots where needed.

Ideally used for pressure relief, this padding works well as a barrier to protect the dew claw, carpal pad, calcaneus (ankle bone) or other sensitive or bony areas from injury. It is also useful for:

  • Lining the inside back of Carpo-Flex Sports Wraps, Carpo-Flex-X, or Tarso-Flex Sports Wraps
  • Spot covering seams, edges, and stitching that may irritate the skin

This is an Open Cell Foam padding, which makes it very flexible so that it can easily conform to the natural curves of the body. The Open Cell design makes this padding more breathable but it does need to be replaced if it gets wet.

In general, memory foam padding is meant to be changed every 4-8 weeks depending on wear, which will keep the leg brace or boot cleaner and fresher longer.

Signs that indicate it’s time to change padding include:

  • padding is wet, matted, or dirty
  • padding begins to peel

As with most padding materials, this padding can be used in combination with other companies’ braces, boots, and devices.


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