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Anti-Monkey Butt Powder


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This anti-itch/anti-chafing powder is great to use with most Thera-Paw products. Many dogs and cats have sensitive skin, and this powder adds a layer of protection to reduce chafing and rubbing.

Sprinkled inside a Thera-Paw Boot or Sticky Pawz, the powder absorbs moisture that builds up from sweaty paws (dog paws sweat). Keeping paws dry helps prevent irritation. Sprinkled inside Sports Wraps and Carpo-Flex-X and other braces, the powder adds a layer of protection for delicate skin. This powder also soothes itchy/painful skin caused by allergies and can be used on “hot spots”.

NOT ALL POWDERS ARE THE SAME. This powder is very gentle and also thicker than most others.


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