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$35 – $41 [sold individually (1)]

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​Gaiter-Aids are waterproof sleeves designed to protect bandages and braces from dirt, debris, and moisture. They fit well over Carpo-Flex Sports Wraps, Carpo-Flex – X, and Tarso-Flex Sports Wraps, as well as other braces and bandages.

Gaitor-Aids are made with elastic cinching straps at top and bottom help to conform to the pet’s limb and restrict water from seeping in.

Please note: Gaiter-Aids are not completely waterproof & should not be used for swimming).

  • Waterproof bandage and brace covers
  • Helps to keep bandages and braces clean and dry
  • Elastic cinching at top an bottom
  • Perfect for wet and muddy conditions
  • Great for protecting braces of hunting and working dogs when out in the field


SMALL – height 8″ (20.3cm) x circumference 9″ (23cm)
Fits over: Small Carpo-Flex – X, Small Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap

MEDIUM – height 10″ (25.4cm) x circumference 11″ (28cm)
Fits over: Medium Carpo-Flex – X, Medium Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap, Small Tarso-Flex – X, Small Tarso-Flex Sports Wrap

LARGE – height 12″ (30.5cm) x circumference 13″ (33cm)
Fits over: Large Carpo-Flex – X, Large Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap, Medium Tarso-Flex – X, Medium Tarso-Flex Sports Wrap

custom sizes available – please contact us.


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