About Thera-paw Canada:

Thera-Paw Canada is committed to helping pets stay active and happy. Our products are designed to reduce pain, support injured limbs, and improve mobility.

We are dedicated to finding the best support for your pet, whether it is one of our products, or from a different company. You can count on us to give you the best advice for your pet or pet owner.


About the Team:

Jen McNutt, BSc, MScPT, CGIMS, CHT, Dipl. Canine Rehabilitation

Jen received her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in 2009. She works as a physiotherapist and hand therapist in Nelson, BC. Motivated by her commitment to the care of animals she has continued her education to be able to apply her physiotherapy skills toward animals and started Kootenay Canine Rehabilitation in 2011.

Jen has completed her Diploma in Canine Rehabilitation and continues to pursue advanced education in animal rehabilitation. In January of 2017, she took a canine bracing course, offered through the Animal Rehabilitation Division and fell in love with the work. She then completed intensive training with Ilaria Borghese (founder and president of Thera-Paw, Inc.) before starting Thera-Paw Canada.

In her spare time, Jen enjoys hiking with her family, trail running with her dogs, snowboarding and is constantly finding new ways to be creative through cooking, baking, knitting or sewing.

Thera-paw Products

Thera-Paw Boots ($31.00-$34.00 CAD) – contact therapawcanada@gmail.com to order

For outdoor use only. Thera-Paw Boots provide protection & comfort for dogs with injured and/or painful paws. Features include:

  • thick, padded, cushioned inner sole
  • durable, thick, rubber outer base
  • seamless interior for comfortable, non-irritating fit
  • dual cuff closure system boot in place


    • Outdoor paw protection and comfort
    • Paw and paw pad cuts, wounds, or burns
    • Arthritis of toes
    • Calluses, corns, warts, and cysts between toes
    • Toe dislocation / deviation / amputation
    • Toe strains / sprains
    • Comforts painful paws
    • Protects against outdoor irritants such as salt & hot pavement
  • Acts as a great alternative to paw bandages

thera paw boot, shoes for greyhounds bo, dog shoes, dog slippers

We all know dogs come in many shapes and sizes. As such, these boots can be customized for optimal fit. Thera-Paw Boot should fit snugly on the paw, and around the wrist or ankle.  Top cuff of the boot should sit below the joint (bend) of the wrist or ankle.

Please visit “Measuring” for measuring instructions and sizes

Cushy-Paw Slippers ($59.00 per pair; for colour choices please contact us)

FOR INDOOR USE: Cushy-Paw Slippers provide indoor comfort and protection for dogs with injured and/or painful paws. Features include:

  • thick, fleece-cushioned inner sole
  • grippy, rubber outer base
  • seamless interior for comfortable, non-irritating fit
  • loose cinching strap can be positioned precisely to secure slipper around the wrist or ankle


  • Indoor paw protection and comfort
  • Arthritis of toes
  • Calluses, corns, warts, and cysts between toes
  • Minor cuts and scrapes
  • Toe dislocation/deviation/amputation
  • Toe strains/sprains
  • Comforts painful paws
  • Acts as a great alternative to paw bandages

NOTE: Not recommended for pets that knuckle or drag their paws.

Forelimb and Hindlimb Braces/Supports


Fabrication style and materials are chosen based on the pet’s specific needs.  The support includes includes:

  • Outer shell – neoprene, nylon
  • Outer straps – elastic, nylon, neoprene
  • Inner padding – neoprene, waterproof foam padding, or sheepskin
  • Outer stabilizing components – nylon support straps, thermoplastic sheets, thermoplastic stays
  • Additional components – reflective tape, footplates, gaiter (waterproof nylon brace covers for protection; sold separately)




Custom Carpal Supports are designed for the pet’s specific needs.  These braces can be lightweight and flexible or completely immobilizing.  Braces are versatile and stability can be decreased/increased depending on the pet’s needs.

Customized for a variety of carpal conditions, such as:

  • hyperextension injuries
  • degenerative joint disease and arthritis
  • collateral ligament sprains and strains
  • soft tissue/flexion contractures
  • polyarthritis
  • instabilities, sprains, strains
  • fractures or post-cast removal
  • arthritis

CARPO-FLEX X ($89.00 – $120.00) – contact therapawcanada@gmail.com to order

sizes Mini 3, Small, Medium and Large

The Carpo-Flex X provides moderate support for the front leg/wrist and helps to support the wrist and relieve pain associated with:

  • arthritis
  • degenerative joint diseases
  • hyperextension injuries
  • ligament strains and sprains
  • wrist deviation/deformity
  • can be used as a transitional support
  • after cast or splint removal




CARPO-FLEX SPORT WRAP ($60 – $74) – Contact therapawcanada@gmail.com to order

Sizes – Small and Medium

The carports-flex sport provides light support for your pet’s wrist. It can be trimmed for a more customized and intimate fit.  A hole can be cut into the Wrap to expose the accessory carpal pad (aka – stopper pad) and/or dew claw.  The stretchy material will not fray when cut. Outer straps are made of elastic and nylon, and provide a stretchy, conforming fit.  These straps can also be cut if too long. Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap is made of washable, easy-to-care-for materials that dry quickly.

Used for:

  • Light support/protection for the front leg/wrist

  • Ideal for mild wrist arthritis, strains, sprains, & weakness

  • Flexible enough to use during high activity (agility, hunting, etc.)

  • Protects against re-injury




Custom tarsal supports are designed for a dog’s special needs. These supports can be lightweight and mobile, or completely immobilizing. The supports are versatile and stability can be increased or decreased depending on the pet’s needs.

Customized for a variety of uses which include:

  • Achilles and gastric tendon issues
  • Hyperextension
  • Collateral ligament sprains
  • Polyarthritis
  • Instabilities, sprains and strains
  • Tarsal luxations
  • Fractures and post cast removal
  • Arthritic, DJD and OCD

For dogs with Achilles tendon injuries or those collapsing into flexion, “extension-assistive straps” are added to custom tarsal braces.  The straps are sewn onto the proximal caudal aspect of the brace; they crisscross above the calcaneus and then you affix them distally via Velcro tabs to regulate the amount of assistance needed to maintain extension.

Custom tarsal braces can be made for small pets. Above is an example of heavy-duty bilateral tarsal braces, lined with shearling (thin sheepskin) that are just about 3″ tall. Lightweight, more streamlined versions of these can be made for pets that require only minimal support.


For pets with significant stability impairments  that require the carpus to be completely immobilized.

Tarsal and Carpal kits are available. Our splinting kits use VetForm Thermoplastic sheets.

VetForm is a type of thermoplastic developed specifically for Thera-Paw and takes the guess work out of choosing the right thermoplastic material for splinting. It is easy to work with and provides strength.




To ensure the health and safety of the pet, our line of custom products can only be ordered by a veterinarian or animal rehabilitation specialist.

Pet owners interested in ordering a Prescription Product

1. Please fill out the Veterinary Request Form and give it to your veterinary professional.

2. Ask your veterinary professional to contact us directly to determine the best product for your pet’s specific needs.


Veterinary Professionals

As a Veterinarian/Rehab Specialist Member, you will be able to:

  • Download Custom Brace Order Forms

  • Receive veterinary/rehab professional pricing on our custom supports

  • Access additional educational video tutorials and materials


Measuring for Thera-Paw Boots

STEP 1:  Measure the width & length of paw.

Place a piece of paper on the floor and trace the outline of the paw, from the longest nail to the very back of the paw pad. Hold your pen at a 90 degree angle to get the most accurate tracing. Then record the length and width of the paw.


STEP 2: Measure the paw circumference.

Use a measuring tape or piece of string to measure the widest part of the paw. This is best done in standing, but if you are unable to get a standing measurement, please indicate the measurement was taken in non-weight bearing when sending measurements to us..


STEP 3: Measure the wrist (A) or ankle (B) circumference.

Use a measuring tape or piece of string to measure the widest part of the wrist (front leg – A) or ankle (back leg – B).




STEP 4: Part A (for front paws only) Measure the wrist height.

Measure the distance from the floor behind the pet’s paw to just below the carpal pad (carpal pad located behind the leg at the level of the wrist joint).

STEP 4: Part B (for back paws only) Measure the ankle height.​

Measure the distance in front of the leg from the top of the paw to just below the ankle joint.


Dog ankle height


Video Tutorials

Boot Sizes in cm (in inches)

T/B – Small: $31.00

Width 5.1 cm (2″); Length 6.4 cm (2.5″); Paw circumference up to 7.6 cm (3″); Wrist circumference up to 7.6 cm (3″) Wrist/ankle height 5.1 cm (2″)

T/C – Small/Medium 1: $32.00

Width 5.7 cm (2.25″); Length 7.0 cm (2.75″); Paw circumference up to 10.1 cm (4″); Wrist circumference up to 8.9 cm (3.5″); Wrist/ankle height 6.4 cm (2.5″)

T/D – Small/Medium 2: $33.00 CAD

Width 6.4 cm (2.5″); Length 7.6 cm (3″); Paw circumference up to 13.3 cm (5.25″); Wrist circumference up to 10.1 cm (4″) Wrist/ankle height 6.4 cm (2.5″)

T/E – Medium: $33.00 CAD

Width 7.0 cm (2.75″); Length 8.9 cm (3.5″); Paw circumference up to 15.9 cm (6.25″); Wrist circumference up to 11.4 cm (4″) Wrist/ankle height 7.0 cm (2.75″)

T/F – Medium/Large: $ 33.50

Width 7.6 cm (3″); Length 9.5 cm (3.75″); Paw circumference up to 17.1 cm (6.75″); Wrist circumference up to 12.7 cm (5″) Wrist/ankle height 8.9 cm (3.5″)

T/F – Large: $ 34.00

Width 8.9 cm (2.5″); Length 10.8 cm (4.25″); Paw circumference up to 19.0 cm (7.5″); Wrist circumference up to 15.2 cm (6″) Wrist/ankle height 10.2 cm (4″)

Measuring for Carpal Wraps

STEP ONE: Use a measuring tape, or piece of string to measure around your dog’s wrist as below


STEP TWO: Measure the height from the back of your dog’s paw to about half way between their wrist and elbow







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