Dogs sweat through their paw pads.  Leaving ANY boot on a dog’s paw for long periods (4+ hours) is NOT recommended.  If the paw is covered with a bootie for long periods, moisture may build up; constant exposure to moisture leads to skin breakdown (e.g., abrasions, blisters, wounds).

There are some instances where a boot does need to be left on for long periods (e.g., paw wound that needs to be covered).  If you need to leave the boot on for long periods, we recommend that you sprinkle some unscented, absorbing powder (e.g., Anti-Monkey Butt Powder, Dr. Scholl’s Unscented Foot Powder) inside the boot to help absorb excess moisture.  If your pet has a wound or sore on the paw, we recommend that you use Neo-Predef powder inside the boot.  Please consult with your veterinarian if you have questions about Neo-Predef use and paw wounds.

If your pet has paw allergies or sensitive skin, we recommend Anti Monkey Butt to reduce the build up of moisture.

If your pet needs to wear paw protection inside the home as well, we recommend a breathable Cushy-Paw Slipper or cotton sock cover (e.g., Power Paws by